Business Development Specialist


Indianapolis, IN


Full Time

Business Development Specialist

City Wide is seeking outgoing, tenacious individuals to join our B2B Inside Sales Team.

The Business Development Specialist will connect sales closers with qualified prospects, making 80+ calls per day to businesses in Indianapolis (Indiana) area. You will consistently meet activity goals for calls and appointments, gather intelligence on prospective companies and segments, schedule appointments, record client data accurately in the CRM system, follow up on appointments, and assist in marketing activities for the sales team.

City Wide is a privately held company that emphasizes a dedication to serving others with excellence in all we do. Here you will find a high-energy work environment that balances high expectations with coaching, group support, and fun. Our inside sales team emphasizes team effort, coaching, and reward. Our location in Lenexa offers a spacious calling environment with natural light and room to move.

We are looking for career-oriented individuals who thrive on communication. Successful candidates will have exceptional written and verbal communication skills with a consistent work ethic. You will develop a deep knowledge of the industry to be able to identify opportunities for your team.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience prospecting in a high-volume sales environment
  • Energetic, assertive personality
  • Engaging, professional phone voice
  • Can-do attitude that loves to be challenged
  • Ability to engage prospects to qualify them based on pre-scripted questions
  • Highly organized and results-driven with a demonstrated ability to meet performance goals
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • A creative problem-solver who is always looking for the next opportunity


  • Minimum 1-3 years sales experience (B2B preferred)
  • Demonstrated ability to meet performance goals
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Strong communication skills
  • MS Office proficiency






BEHAVIOR - Maintain a positive work atmosphere by behaving and communicating in a manner so that you get along with, Clients, co-workers and supervisors.


  1. Set qualified appointments for Sales staff by using the four qualifying questions.
  1. Update database information.
  2. Organize your own calls and tasks.
  3. Send all City Wide information requested by prospects along with thank you notes and follow-up letters whenever appropriate.
  4. Represent City Wide in a courteous, professional manner at all times. 
    1. Track all activities in the ACT/CRM database.  This includes scheduling calls, updating records, typing notes from each call and appointments set by you.
    2. Primary goals for each call are as follows:
      1. Verify phone number and addresses are correct.
      2. Obtain or verify proper contact name.
      3. Do they have any pain?
      4. Do they have a budget?
      5. Ask for an appointment.
      6. If you don’t get an appointment from a qualified account, put them on the e-mailing list, and schedule a follow up call.
        1. If they are not qualified - too small will not us our service put on do not call list
        2.  If they qualify or could qualify with growth 20 EE to 120 EE or 1,200 of their 20,000 square feet with growth. Put a task in CRM/ACT to follow up in an appropriate time frame.  Usually 180 days to a year later.
      7. Put a task in CRM/ACT to follow up in an appropriate time frame.  Usually 180 days to a year later.
    1. Don’t get discouraged if every call does not result in an appointment.  We only want to send a Sales Executive out if the prospect is qualified and considering a change.
    2. A “Qualified” appointment will result in a proposal for janitorial service.  This is the criteria used to judge bonus eligibility. 
    3. Scheduling appointments must be done with some care.  You will have access to scheduling availability of sales staff.  Appointments need to be scheduled in a timely manner, allowing enough time to meet and drive to the next appointment.  You will be given a map of the city for your own reference.
    4. Organization is a big key for this position.  If a contact is unavailable and the call does not result in a conversation, the follow-up call will be scheduled for later the same day.  After you have made contact or left three messages with the same contact, you will schedule a follow-up call for 30, 60, or 90 days later based on the results of your call.
    5. Another key to success is the ability to pick up the phone and call, talk, hang up, dial again, talk, hang up, dial again…and so on.  It is amazing how much time can be wasted in between calls if someone is not organized or hesitates for any reason.
    6. The expectation is 15 activities per hour.



    1. Courteous and professional phone manner.
    2. Basic computer knowledge.  Ability to learn ACT/CRM program with proper instruction.
    3. Some phone sales or Client service experience helpful. 
  1. Drive and motivation to keep picking up the phone time after time (no less than 15/hour). 
  2. Ability to start a conversation with ease and get the information you need (should be able to talk to 4-5/hour). 
  3. Must be able to set one appointment per four hours.
  4. Personable, professional manner that represents City Wide in a positive manner. 
  5. Terrific phone manner and likeable personality. 
  6. Ability to handle rejection and recognize they are not rejecting you, only what you are offering at this time. 
  7. Good organizational skills and follow-through. 
  8. Must be a pro-active problem solver.
  9. Team Player




Your presence is required in the office from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday for full time.  Four hours of calls, one hour lunch, and then four more hours of calls, Emfluence, and proposals.  Part time hours will be set by each individual location. 




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